Our Team

PP2Christopher Cowart is a junior at UNC Asheville. He is majoring in History and International Studies. He chose this class because he moved to Asheville several years ago and fell in love with the downtown areas charm and also had an interest in making history more available for the general public.

PP1Charles Hurt is a senior at UNC Asheville. He is majoring History. His focuses are in Film History, Modern Asian History, and the history of Asheville. He chose this class due to his ongoing interest with computer science, new media, and the evolution of historiography. This project was important to him, as he has an ongoing investment to educate people about the development of downtown Asheville.

PP3McKenzie Whalen is junior at UNC Asheville. She is majoring in History with a concentration in Women’s History and African American History. She chose this digital history class because of her interest in Asheville’s unique history and development, as well as getting the opportunity to learn about the process of digitizing history and making it more accessible to the public.