Interactive Architect’s Room

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The students of UNCA’s Computer Science 373 (Spring 2015) have taken some of the primary sources we digitized and created a interactive experience. This interactive project allows viewers to experience a reenacted setting of 1980s Asheville and bring to life the tension the community faced with the dichotomy between “Building a Better Asheville” versus “Saving Downtown Asheville.” With in the room there are maps and blueprints hanging on the walls that the viewer can move around and zoom in on. There is also a recording of Kathryn Long’s interview about the Save Downtown Asheville project during the time the group was fighting the mall proposal.

To navigate use WASD (Up, Down, Left, Right) + Mouse (track pad)
You may need the Unity Web Player

Special thanks to Alex Nunez, Nicholas Radford and Matthew Matney of the Computer Science 373 class for their hard work and diligence in making this interactive experience possible.

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