Dr. Ellen Holmes Pearson:

We would like to thank Dr. Pearson for her constant encouragement and immense knowledge throughout our process of creating this website. This final product would have not been possible without her persistent efforts to get us access to the server even in the midst of snow/ice storms and uncooperative websites. Lastly, thank you for the opportunity to create something that not only allowed us to better our skills in both history and technology, but allowed us to create a site in which history is made more accessible to the general public.

Dr. Marietta Cameron:

We would like to thank Dr. Cameron for allowing our class to work with her students this semester in a cohesive history and computer science project. Thank you for making time for our classes to meet and helping us create projects that were both possible for your students and beneficial for our website.

Wayne Caldwell and Kathryn Long:

We would like to thank Wayne Caldwell and Kathryn Long for their time and contributions to our project and to the preservation of downtown Asheville. Your insider information allowed our group to be able to access parts of Save Downtown Asheville’s narrative with stunning detail and personality.

UNC Asheville History Department:

We would like to thank the UNCA History Department for helping us when access to the server seemed impossible and for providing us with the funds to purchase our own server space to begin work on our projects.

UNC Asheville Special Collections- Gene Hyde and Colin Reeve:

We would like to thank Gene and Colin for their time helping us cipher through boxes of collections, scanning mishaps, and copyright issues. Special collections has been extremely helpful for our groups understanding and construction of our main narrative for this website.

Media Design Lab Manager- Sasha Hussey:

We would like to thank Sasha Hussey for his time spent with us trying to make our site look clean and professional and his extensive knowledge of photo and video editing.

Computer Science 373 Spring 2015:

We would like to thank all of our groups in the Computer Science 373 class this semester. Thank you for your hard work and, of course, your impressive interactive components. Your projects added a new and interesting contribution to our site that only enhanced the final product of the website.

Pack Memorial Library- The North Carolina Room:

We would like to thank the North Carolina Room at Pack Memorial Library for allowing our group to access to the Save Downtown Asheville collection that is housed in their special collections.

The Asheville Citizen-Times:

We would like to thank Citizen Times for allowing our group access to their extensive collection of articles and pictures about the Downtown Asheville Mall campaign.